Welcome to our house of Tea on the wetlands. Here we serve tea as a daily practice, a way to cultivate more quiet and presence in our moment to moment lives. A way to build a deeper connection to nature, ourselves, and each other. A way to clear our minds, open our hearts and awaken our spirits. 

The tea room is an intimate space for serving sits of 8-9 people. Currently we offer 2 types of brewing practices - Bowl Tea and Traditional Gong Fu Cha. Bowl Tea is generally the more common brewing method offered as it can accommodate a full group. Gong Fu ceremonies are limited to 4-5 people maximum. 

We are part of The Global Tea Hut Community that practices Tea as a “Way” and a Dao. We are honored to serve the Leaf by way of the lineage and instruction of Wu De and the practices offered at the Tea Sage Hut. We hold this responsibility with great honor, respecting the teachings and the teachers whose dedication and wisdom had guided us to be here today. 

Global Tea Hut is a monthly subscription exchange which connects a vast community of tea drinkers all over the globe. All of the proceeds go toward Tea Sage Hut, a non-profit center in Taiwan dedicated to meditation and tea education. To learn more about this global community please visit here.

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