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Plants and the Feminine Body: Yoni Steaming and Nourishing Herbs

Our womb is a central energy channel for our intuition, sensuality, sexuality, creative expression and birthing into the world.  It is also a space representing our changing cycle and fluctuating hormones.  These changes can manifest into off kilter period cycles and discomfort within the feminine body.  What if you could help regulate and nurture your system throughout these changes with a few common plant allies and different plant modalities?

In this workshop, we will learn how to nourish and remedy these changes that affect our system and the womb.  From inconsistent periods (too short/long of a cycle), heavy bleeding, cramping, cysts, endometriosis and postpartum, we will channel our plant allies, drinking in infusion, tincture and learning how to yoni steam to soothe our systems.  Yoni steams have been used cross culturally for centuries to open the cervix with steam, and allow the medicinal properties of herbs + steam to aid the body in relaxation, stimulate libido, regulate the period, release cysts and fibroids from the body, and aid new mothers postpartum.  Everyone will leave the workshop with a bundle of herbs to work with at home.

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