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Tea Ceremony & Journey to the Mystical Isle of Avalon

Spend an afternoon immersed in water rituals and join Baelyn Elspeth and Taylor Phinny Russell for a tea ceremony followed by a journey to the mystical Isle of Avalon.

We are currently swimming through the season of Litha which honours the Mother of Water, Goddess of the Ocean, Domnu, the Lady of the Lake, and Selene, the Moon Goddess. Some of the qualities of this season are compassion, receptivity, fluidity, cleansing, purification, intuition, and depth. During our time together you will receive an introduction to Taylor's tradition, the Wheel of Bridannia and the Celtic Wheel of the Year, as well as a direct experience with these energies. We will journey to the holy waters of Avalon, make offerings, receive guidance and healing, sing songs, and share in sisterhood.


Taylor is a Priestess, natural healer, and spiritual counselor. Her work springs from a deep love and reverence for the feminine essence. Her burning desire is to awaken this love and reverence in other women and empower them to honor the wisdom and sacred rhythms of their bodies. Taylor has walked through the flames of personal transformation, healing her own deep wounds and misunderstandings about being a woman. Her journey has allowed her to embrace the full spectrum of her energy, the shadow and the light. She holds a strong container in her work and is a channel for Goddess.

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