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Full Moon Elemental Immersion: Led by Baelyn Elspeth + David Lee Dillon

Join Us For A Full Moon Elemental Immersion

As we come into another lunar cycle, we gather to recognize the sacred elements and ancestors that are supporting our Earth walk, honoring the spirits of the wetlands, Mother Earth and the divine that resides in all life.

Flower ceremony to honor the spirits of the Wetlands and the EARTH element, Shedding any energy that no longer serves their next lunar cycle.

Tea Ceremony to ground and cultivate stillness. This practice reflects the interdependency of all the ELEMENTS flowing together to support a harmonious flow of life.

Sound breath work journey, opening ourselves to the healing powers of the AIR element, giving ourselves space to release the old and receive anew.

Ocean prayer and offering WATER element.

Dinner with Joshua Yaquin Gil
Our talented friend and cosmic cook will be offering us nourishment. A mystic on the Sufi path he implements Ayurveda and Chinese medicine practices along with over 20 years of experience as a fine dining chef. His focus is that food is medicine that tastes like love!

Sacred FIRE, offering our prayers and wishes to Tatawari, the god of fire in Huichol folklore. Here we will drink cacao opening our hearts and celebrating life through dance and music.

Cost for the full day elemental immersion + evening dinner & celebration
$160 *12 spots available as space is limited. Begins at 1PM.

Cost for evening dinner and full moon celebration
$60 *Begins at 6.30PM. 

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