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Tending the Plant Body + Water Body

Join us for one-on-one appointments aligning with nourishment in the New Year. Clinical herbal sessions with Kelsey Barrett and biodynamic craniosacral sessions with Koa Kalish will be offered.  

Kelsey’s clinical herbal practice combines her philosophy of simplicity and client empowerment towards optimal health. Using pulse and tongue diagnosis, and somatic based talk therapy, we create individualized herbal formulas to uproot the pathways of illness; energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual. Working with conscious and unconscious material, sessions can seamlessly move from practical lifestyles changes to intuitive plant readings to support regaining vital health via diet. Kelsey creates a compassionate space to explore sustainable routes of transformation and healing by way of herbal, flower essences, energetic, and nutritional support.

Biodynamic Craniosacral with Koa is a call to return to embodied vitality. A time to re-attune to the inherent motions and rhythms of the breath and fluid body. A place to be held within an amplified field of listening where we can truly “Rest in the Health.” With hands guided by skilled sensitivity, gentle contacts are made - holding head bones, ankle bones, sacrums - following the flow and the fulcrums of subtle movements spoken by the body. This work allows for a deep coherence and resilience in the nervous system, in the organs and tissues, and in the energetic and emotional spheres. Diverse states of consciousness, visionary experiences and deep insights are common. 

Appointments available between 9AM - 4PM. 

To schedule clinical herbal sessions email:

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