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Herbal Sessions & Earth Medicine with Heavy Nettle Gathering

We are so happy to welcome Kelsey Barrett of Heavy Nettle Gathering to AY^AM on Earth Day when she will be offering private herbal session and Earth medicine. Awaken your vitality with a deep dive into the subtle and medicinal power of plants. To book your session contact:

Kelsey’s clinical herbal practice combines her philosophy of simplicity and client empowerment towards optimal health. Using pulse and tongue diagnosis, we create individualized herbal formulas to uproot the pathways of illness; energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual. Working with conscious and unconscious material, sessions can seamlessly move from dream work, to practical lifestyles changes to support regaining vital health via diet. Kelsey creates a compassionate space to explore sustainable routes of transformation and healing by way of herbal, flower essences, energetic, yogic and nutritional support.