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Initiation into Self Love and Care

AY^AM is excited to host a day of self care and ceremony

An initiation into a practice of beauty and self love on the New Moon in Aquarius.

 We are honored to have an amazing collective of women offering their wisdom and unique gifts during this all day retreat

  • Tea Ceremony & Sound Bath
  • Lunar Hair Care Ritual
  • LUNCHEON with Organic, Locally Sourced Meal
  • Gua-Sha Facial Workshop
  • Ayurvedic Gua-Sha Practice for Whole Body
  • Meditation for Glowing From Within
  • Crafting in your Kitchen-Customized Beauty Products
  • Foot Bath

Led by:

  • BRITT PLUG {Britta Beauty}
  • KARI JANSEN {Poppy & Someday}
  • STEFANI PADILLA {La Tierra Sagrada}
  • SHIVA ROSE {The Local Rose)
  • TABITHA ROSE  {Instatab}

9:30AM-5PM.  Price: $150

CONTACT us to reserve to your space