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Women's Full Moon Kava Ceremony w/ Erin Rivera Merriman

Join us at AY^AM as we welcome Erin Rivera Merriman for an evening of Kava and community ritual, where we will experience a simple, easy to integrate full moon manifestation ceremony, share our experiences with lunar living, and learn a variety of practices and perspectives that can help you enjoy the rich rewards of a life lived in greater harmony with the rhythms of self, nature and the cosmos.

Bring your drums, maracas, or other sacred instruments, something to sit on, and an item for the altar...or just bring yourself- An open mind and heart and identifying as female are the only requirements! 

*Registration for this event constitutes an agreement that you are not currently pregnant, nursing, or taking any prescription anti-convulsant, anti-depressant, or anti-psychotic medications. (we work with the spirit of the plant as well as the form, so those who do not meet the above criteria but desire to sit in circle are welcome to participate in the ceremony without ingesting the kava.)

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