Tandem New Years Readings 2018
to Jan 6

Tandem New Years Readings 2018

We are honored to announce a special event to call in the New Year. Shamanic Intuitive Jane Anne Thomas ( House of the Standing Moon ) and Vedic Astrologer Eve Mendoza, ( Eve of Astrology ), will be uniting Sky and Earth in their first public offering of personalized, individual tandem readings in Los Angeles.

Each reading will be carefully designed with an opening and closing ceremony sculpted specifically for you and your current astrological time period. After extensive study of your chart, Eve, who has been immersed in Sanskrit culture for over 20 years, will open with a Vedic Planetary Puja (sacred fire ceremony), to open the inner door to the stars and initiate your reading. From there the session will allow for a thorough interpretation of your chart, upcoming time periods, as well as clearly channeled guidance from the totemic language of nature. After you have received your reading, Jane Anne, who has been a serious student of the totemic world and the Beauty Way for over a decade will securely ground and close your session, ensuring that the intimate energy and awareness received from the inner world is integrated and grounded here.



* Treated as a personal Ceremony these readings are typically a minimum of 2 hrs *recommended * Cost includes any drawings, personalized notes, or audio recordings from the session as well as instructions on how to prepare for your reading to get the most out of the session. 


With this time frame we will be able to offer a fully realized version of the Personalized Ceremonial Reading with planetary puja (traditional sacred fire ceremony), astrological time periods, totemic guidance, channelled messages and closing ritual. 

<> 2.5 HR SESSION | $ 832

<> 3 HR SESSION | $1000



<> 1.5 HR SESSION | $500

<> 1 HR SESSION | $333 

FRI JAN 5th late morning - evening

SAT JAN 6th late morning - evening 

If you are interested in a session let us know which date, time and length of session you’d prefer and we will send over invoicing details to reserve your spot. 

If you have specific time constraints or are in need of an early afternoon or evening session, please specify. We are happy to work with you. 

Details for your reading will be sent when payment confirmation is complete.

Please email:

thomas.janeanne@gmail.com or eveofastrology@gmail.com to book your appointment!

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7:30 PM19:30


We invite you to ground and gather with us on the Eve of the Winter Solstice

December 20th


at AY AM on the Wetland

Suggested Donation $60

-No one will be turned away-

~All funds raised will be donated to Ojai Wildfire Relief Fund~

This is a time to share in the warmth of community as the healing arts of music, bodywork, and meditation join for an interactive and multidisciplinary experience.  

This gathering will be led and facilitated by Jacyln Desantis, Amber Lee, and Tori Wolf. Jaclyn Desantis’ instrumentation will coax us into deeper realms of self-healing while elevating our collective field. Tori Wolf of @soundandtouch will strum and harmonize with her melodic medicine, bridging pathways of star travel and oul onnection.Amber Lee of @plantascompass + @soundandtouch offers her warming and healing touch as she attunes and anchors each being to the rhythms of spirit and serenity.  We join in breath, in heartbeat, and in service. 

Please follow this link to reserve your space for this special event 





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