M A M A   M E D I C I N E

Seeress Deborah Hanekamp aka Mama Medicine calls New York her home, but AY^AM is honored to hold space for her Medicine Readings when she serves the Los Angeles community.  

Deborah carries over 16 years in the healing arts as an Initiated Amazonian Shaman, Reiki Master and Yogini.  Guided by the present moment, Deborah has facilitated Medicine Readings and Medicine Reading ceremonies all over the world. Her work has been featured in Vogue, New York Times & Marie Claire Magazine  


B R I T T A  P L U G

With over 12 years of experience she holds an international skin care diploma (CIDESCO), and is engaged in on-going studies of meditation, herbalism, nutrition and yoga.

Seeing each client’s need for personalized, skin-positive care, Britta weaves ancient and modern modes of healing into Facial Attunement™. She calls upon techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to detoxifying massage and LED therapy, for a tailored experience. As part of her practice, each client receives customized, take-home tools and strategies, empowering us all to joyously take our skin transformation into our own hands.


P A T R I C I A   V E R N H E S 

Patricia comes from an old lineage of healers in Eastern Europe and herself has been on a path of research, study, teaching and consulting for over 15 years in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Vedic Science, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, North American Energy Medicine, Eastern European and Mongolian traditions.

She founded Mojave Desert Skin Shield where she blends organic skincare products and creates individual skin medicine
with the use of locally sourced, often wild harvested, always botanically and energetically pure and primarily edible ingredients, all of which are utilized in
her signature treatments.


S T E F A N I   P A D I L L A

AY^AM is pleased to carry La Tierra Sagrada, an all natural hair care line created by hairstylist Stefani Padilla who is passionate about hair care as an act of self love and ceremony.  Stefani fuses her passion and knowledge of healing plants alongwith her extensive career as a hair stylist to create high vibrational products she calls "hair medicine" and meaningful rituals known as  "Hairemonies" 


K A R I   J A N S E N

AY^AM is happy to carry Poppy and Someday and host owner, Herbalist and Ayurvedic Practitioner, Kari Jansen.   Her handcrafted product line features an evolving collection of organic body care products, each of which is comprised of a unique blend of constitutional ingredients. The product design process is rooted in the study of Ayurveda and Western Herbalism and focuses on native plant ingredients. Every ingredient comes from Mother Earth and never contains any synthetics or preservatives.

Kari is a graduate of the California School of Herbal Studies, the Dhyana Center, the Ayurvedic Institute of America and also holds a B.S. in Health and Nutrition..


J A C L Y N   D E S A N T I S 

AY^AM resident sound healer Jaclyn DeSantis provides unique and fluid sound experiences  for groups,  ceremonies,  collaborations, private healings, and hospice seva.  

Jaclyn has been creating experimental music since 1999 but discovered resonant sound alchemy in 2007 and has been developing a unique sonic healing journey since.  She combines an array of instruments including crystal singing bowls, gongs, hang drum, didgeridoo, along with vocals, to produce  alpha and theta brainwave state-inducing overtones for deep relaxation and harmonic alignment.  She has studied at the Globe Institute for Sound Healing and is mostly guided by intuition and Spirit. 


J E S S I   C A M P B E L L 

Jessi offers reiki healing sessions on an infrared amethyst biomat. Sound healing instruments, crystals, and essential oils are also offered in each session. She works with a pendulum to locate blockages along the chakra system, and with the help of her guides and yours, she gently removes these blockages and gives your whole body and surrounding energy field a “tune-up”. Jessi believes reiki is a beautiful anecdote for these current times. In tune with the shifting paradigm, she feels it to be a softer, more feminine approach to healing that can have a profound effect on our whole being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.